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A band in a phone

March 21st Zita Swoon played at the Carré des Jalles near Bordeaux (France). 
As proposed by Renaud Cojo (myspacewebsite), the concert was entirely recorded by 15 cellphones. Recently (april 14-18 ) a first draft of this audience recording was shown at Des Souris, Les Hommes, a multimedia festival at Le Carré des Jalles.

A first draft, so it gets better:
In Juni, the final version of the film will be presented at a Pocket Film festival at the Forum des Images in Paris, France.


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  1. […] you buy it? The possibility of a DVD. At the end of April we reported about the A Band in a Phone-project, the concert movie made with mobile phones who will be shown at the Paris’ Pocket Film […]

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