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Interview De Standaard “I love simple messages” by Marc
January 25, 2009, 21:01 pm
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On the brink of the new tour you could read some interviews with Stef in Belgian papers.
One of those was published by De Standaard.
You can read the entire interview here. (in dutch)

Besides singing, Eva and Kapinga will also dance, walk up and down the stage (?) and play marimba.
Aarich left his drumkit at home. With Amel he takes care of all ‘percussional’ goods… and from time to time the choreography will bring him in front making music with Stef while Simon Mayer (the dancer) dances around them.

They started this project to play the more experimental, more subtile music that doesn’t fit the regular set.
The set has no storyline, it’s just interesting music combined with interesting moves.

Stef tells dance is a very natural thing to him but he also knows his limits. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her dancers go beyond those limits. Both Anne Teresa and Stef Kamil have their opinions on dance. He likes the beauty in simple movements.

The meaning of contemperary dance or art isn’t always clear to Stef Kamil. He is looking for (all kinds of) energy en eventually likes simple messages the most.

Some of the new some are very radio friendly. It just happened. Maybe one day those will be heard on the radio, but that wasn’t the intention.

At Zita Swoon everyone is a sound hobbyist.
The term was found by Stef in old audio magazines from the 50’s where people possed next to their gigantic audio sets. Back in 1998 they already used it as title for the bonus-cd who came with the first pressing of I paint pictures on a wedding dress.


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