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Video – Tom Barman & Stef @ SKC’s Radio 1 Sessie (1)

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2 responses to “Video – Tom Barman & Stef @ SKC’s Radio 1 Sessie (1)”

  1. I don’t mean to be rude but these two should get together more often because their voices sound so right together. And i am not talking about a reunion i am talking about collaboration. Both went their ways and it is fine like that but that chemestry still burns and it is a waste to leave there flying. A Stef/Tom project would probaly be great. Give it a thought boys!

  2. Ziggy,
    Next month will be one of the guestsat the 15+ concerts in Amsterdam and Brussels. I’ll try to get those songs on video too.
    + Luk Janssens (Radio 1) asked them in between songs if they had plans to do something together and suggested they would get a kid. Stef responded he already had a son, and Tom said he has a son too… and then they talked about this concerts in december.

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