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Life after Horror & Romance

The Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery London is proud to present

Revert to Disarray: Life After Horror & Romance

Charting the space between acuity and confusion, detail and dissolution, contemporary Greek painter Stefanos Rokos arrives in London with his first UK show.

It’s a world you’ve already spent some time in, I suspect. You turn your back on a compelling stranger only to find just colours, smoke, and memories. Any. Friday. Night. And who doesn’t smile in recollection of that near riot down the guitar bar? Sure, your friends will be along presently, little punctures in the chaos, and yet that sense of an ending gathers, reflected in the waiting lenses arrayed across the room.

In these works the senses will meet their match. Details are perceived, yet evade our grasp. Women might be muses, imperilled, but always fatales. Men find safety in numbers, hoping to cope with the fantastical. And music is ever present, filling each silent canvas as we revert then, to disarray.

Program of live music throughout exhibition month:
Performances start at 8pm each Thursday in June

6TH JUNE – Matt Friedberger solo (The Fiery Furnaces)
13TH JUNE – Stef Kamil Carlens solo (Zita Swoon Group)
20TH JUNE – Alexander’s Festival Hall
27TH JUNE – Piney Gir

All the acts performing during these four weeks have also participated in the making of “Horror & Romance on Another Planet”, a music compilation that Stefanos Rokos curated and released instead of an art catalogue for his last solo show in Athens three years ago. Lead by previous collaborations and/or friendship, he asked artists that he knew and admired to compose and record music inspired by his work.


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