Rabbitfield.com, a zita swoon fansite

About this site

This is the Rabbit Field, this is where your Zita Swoon heart leads you  😉


No, seriously… this fansite was created and hosted by Koen van Driessen to provide you – the Zita Swoon-lover – of news, gossip and a chance to interact with other fans.

Over the years the site existed in mutiple forms. By moving from one platform to another a part of the archives got lost, but the ZS-spirit never left.

Mid 2007, the Rabbit Field again faced technical problems whereby the site became uneditable. By the end of the year, as you can see, once more it resurrected.
With this last change Koen retired and let me take over the site. I hope to serve you as good as he did.



ps. This place was named after ‘The rabbit field’, the 4th song on ‘I paint pictures on a wedding dress’. (up-up, go listen to the song!).


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Zita Swoon is an international group and Steph is an international star (is’nt he ?)
So, why most of the posts are written in a language that nobody understand?

Comment by grelaudh

You’ve got a point there, and we do want to serve the international Zita-crowd.
Most of the dutch articles (the ones in that language nobody understands) are copy/pasted. We’ll keep doing that, but I promise to acompany future articles with – at least – a brief translation. Don’t expect any French (I believe you’re French), it will be in English. My French is as bad as my singing, and you certainly don’t want to hear me singing.
So, for Zita Swoon-sake, if we’re going weak on the translation part, send me this way and remember me this promise.


Hmmm, I hope that didn’t sound as a management kinda thing 🙂

Comment by Marc

Marc, i think you’re running this site better then i’ve ever done before. Keep up the good work !

Comment by koen van driessen

I’d like to have information about booking ‘The Sound Hobbyist’. E-mail adress or phone number ?

Comment by Annelies Ghyselen (deelnemer 13de Kollektief)

Hi there

Are there many English fans out there?

I was in Belgium at the wrong time last year to catch the band, but do you think there will ever be any gigs in England?


Comment by Phil Bailey

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