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December 16th 2009, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (15 year Zita Swoon)
December 12th 2009, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (15 year Zita Swoon)
December 10th 2009, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (15 year Zita Swoon)
December 9th 2009, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (15 year Zita Swoon)
December 8th 2009, Alhambra, Paris, France (15 year Zita Swoon)
December 7th 2009, De Kreun, Kortrijk, Belgium (try out 15 year Zita Swoon)

November 30rd 2009, release To play, to dream, to drift (anthology) (France)
November 23rd 2009, Radio 1 Sessie, Amerikaans  Theater, Brussels, Belgium (SKC)
November 23rd 2009: release To play, to dream, to drift (anthology) (Benelux)
November 14th 2009, Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands (try-out)

October 25th 2009, Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Sarah Bettens – SKC as special guest)
October 23rd 2009, Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany
October 20th 2009, De Roma, Antwerpen, Belgium (Sarah Bettens – SKC as special guest)
October 10th 2009, Rock Ternat, Ternat, Belgium
October 9th 2009, Flachland Festival, Berlin, Germany (a band in a box)
October 8th 2009, Gaswerk, Winterthur, Switserland
October 7th 2009, Post Tenebras Rock, Genève, Switserland
October 3th 2009, Théatre Léo Ferré, Aulnoye-Aymeries, France

September 24th 2009, Kunst om 8, Middelheimmuseum, Antwerpen, Belgium (Stef as curator Kunst om 8 )
September 19th 2009, Pukema Rock, Puurs, Belgium
September 18th 2009, Ademloos en Straten Generaal zwijgen niet, De Singel, Antwerpen, Belgium (Stef as musical guest)
September 6th 2009, concert for Ademloos, Bourla, Antwerpen, Belgium (Stef and others)
September 5th 2009, Crammerock, Stekene, Belgium
September 4th 2009, Den Hemel, Zichem, Belgium
September 2nd 2009, Lexus Hybride Live, Heilig Kruisplein (Flagey), Brussels, Belgium (Stef with Leki)

August 8th 2009, Casablanca Festival, Hemiksem, Belgium

July 12th 2009, La Semo Festival, Hotton, Belgium
July 12th 2009, Kortrijk Congé, Kortrijk, Belgium (Stef solo / 02h45-03h30)
July 4th 2009, Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg, Germany

June 28th 2009, Het Groot Verzet (Studio Brussel), Werchter area, Belgium
June 20th 2009, Fête de la Musique, Dudelange, Luxembourg
June 18th 2009, Le Mad Café, Liège, Belgium
June 17th 2009, Oerol, Terschelling, The Netherlands (Stef with Spinvis and Eric Vloeimans)
June 17th 2009, Oerol (bostheater), Terschelling, The Netherlands (Stef solo)
June 16th 2009, Oerol (bostheater), Terschelling, The Netherlands (Stef solo)
June 13th 2009, Novonov, Hoboken, Belgium (Stef solo, try-out)
June 12th 2009, Picture Palace, Zebrastraat, Gent, Belgium (Stef solo)

May 23rd 2009, Festival de La Cassine, Vendresse, France
May 15th 2009, Seine de Danse, Paris, France (dwtsh)
May 9th 2009, Hotelgasten – 013 at NWE Vorst, Tilburg, The Netherlands (Stef solo)
May 1st 2009, Fenice Festival, Poggibonsi (Siena), Italy (dwtsh)

April 28th 2009, Provinciale Bibliotheek Limburg, Hasselt (SKC and Bart Moeyaert talk about writing)
April 25th 2009, Nekka-Nacht, Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Belgium (SKC)
April 17th 2009, Millenáris, Budapest, Hungary (a band in a box)
April 15th 2009, Klub Za zrkadlom, Bratislava, Slovakia (a band in a box)
April 11th 2009, Usine A Gaz, Nyon, Switzerland (a band in a box)
April 10th 2009, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen, Belgium (a band in a box)
(benefit for De Facktorij)
April 4th 2009, NTG, Gent, Belgium (dwtsh)
April 3rd 2009, NTG, Gent, Belgium (dwtsh)
April 1st 2009, Tune In, Anwerpen, Belgium

March 21st 2009, Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
March 20th 2009, Cross-linx, MC Frits Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
March 19th 2009, MC Enschede, Enschede, The Netherlands
March 14th 2009, Novarock, Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk, Belgium (festival set)
March 12th 2009, Theater de Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
March 11th 2009, Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
March 10th 2009, Théatre Royal de Namur, Namur, Belgium (dwtsh)
March 7th 2009, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
March 6th 2009, Fintax Telecomzaal, Chassé Theater, Breda, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
March 5th 2009, Philharmonie, Haarlem, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
March 4th 2009, Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
March 1st 2009, Theater aan de Parade, ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (dwtsh)

February 28th 2009, Limburgzaal theater Heerlen, Heerlen, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 27th 2009, de Meervaart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 26th 2009, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 25th 2009, Stadstheater, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
February 25th 2009, Theater Castellum, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 22th 2009, Cool, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 21st 2009, De Flint, Amersfoort, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 20th 2009, Schouwburg Almere, Almere, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 14th 2009, De Lampegiet, Veenendaal, The Netherlands
February 13th 2009, Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 12th 2009, Stadsschouwburg Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands (dwtsh)
February 8th 2009, Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen, Belgium (dwtsh)
February 7th 2009, Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen, Belgium (dwtsh)

January 31st 2009, De Spil, Roeselare, Belgium (dwtsh)
January 30th 2009, Stadsschouwburg, Brugge, Belgium (dwtsh)
January 24th 2009, De Warande, Turnhout, Belgium (dwtsh)
January 15th 2009, Eurosonic Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands (a band in a box)
January 15th 2009, in-store at Plato Groningen, The Netherlands, 15h (stef solo)


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