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The birth of this band is bound in a book by Marc
April 27, 2010, 21:09 pm
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Bert Middelbos collected the story of 50 famous* musicians, each of them telling about their first band.
Stef’s first band was called The Zoom. In this book you can read SKC’s story from playing along to Queen and Kiss on a tennis racket as a 12-year-old, to signing a record deal with Island Records.

More on this book over here.

* famous in the Netherlands

Anthology – artwork by Marc
November 21, 2009, 12:36 pm
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tracklist over here

Dit is Belgisch: Stef Kamil Carlens by Marc
November 26, 2008, 17:06 pm
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December 18th 2005: canvas broadcasts “Dit Is Belgisch, dit is Stef Kamil Carlens“. I missed it.
February 4th 2007: they broadcast it again. This time I saw it, but forgot to record it.

Now it’s on ZitaSwoonTV:

Stef and Aarich about the early days of the band. You’ll see posters for a gigs by ‘Kamil and the Beatband’ (October 1990 and May 1991), and by A Beatband (Debuutrock, April 1993)… and a cover of one of their demo’s, Tracks of two Horses (the one with the pin-up).

Tom Barman and Stef Kamil about how they met, living together and dEUS.

The moondog Jr. era, and Stef leaving dEUS.

Plage Tattoo / dressing as a woman / being a human being / Tomas en Björn leaving Zita Swoon / (ex-)members and friends about Stef

Stef about his art

SKC on songwriting / Tom Barman and Axelle Red about Stef / Stef and Tom Pintens about the “A song About A Girls”-era.

Stef on costumes and designing them, the ‘a band in box’ concept, and the future.

Podcast: Kamil and the Beatband by Marc
November 14, 2008, 11:08 am
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It’s been over 15 years since Zita Swoon -back then known as A Beatband- had it’s first release (Jintro travels the word in a skirt). Like almost any band, A Beatband made demo’s that predate their first official release. With kind permission of Stef Kamil we can offer you two songs from “the big 46 tape” by Kamil and the Beatband. This demotape was made in 1992. The following musicians appear on it: Sander Bruyneel, Steven Bruyneel, Bas Deriemaeker, Aarich Jespers, and Stef Kamil Carlens.
You’ve might have witnessed the band’s evolution through rock, dance, electronic, and quiet acoustic music… but at the beginning, there was blues.


Hangover in the Laundry (3,9MB)

L’Amour n’est pas avec moi (7MB)

p.s. The second song is a TC Matic song which was released on their album Choco (1983)… and it’s a nice way to remind you of the Arno session (with a.o. SKC), next monday (nov 17) at the Amerikaans Theater (sold out) and live at Radio 1.

Update: Members-page by Marc
July 26, 2008, 23:18 pm
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The members-page got a gigantic update.

In an attempt to keep it clear I’ve split Zita Swoon’s member history in 3 era’s:

1/ before Moondog Jr. (1992-Mid 1995) Known bandnames so far: Kamil and the Beatband (1992) > A Beatband (±1992 – ±1993) > SKC Moondog & A Beatband (±1994-early 1995) > Moondog Jr. (1995)
The ‘main members’-list of this era is my best guess.

2/ Moondog Jr. + Sunrise (Mid 1995-May 1997) For some reason i’m convinced Moondog Jr. became Zita Swoon in December 1996, and I know other online sources say it’s March 1997… so if you know for sure, tell us. I’ve chosen May 1997 because that’s when Björn entered (May 1st 1997 (?)) and Benjamin left (Last Sunrise-gig was on June 3th 1997).

3/ Zita Swoon (May 1997-now)

The origin of the band would be in 1989, when Stef and Aarich first met/worked together… but because I found no sources on anything before 1992… 1992 will do for now.
You’ll notice there’s a gap between the release of “Jintro travels the word in a skirt” (fall 1993) and first gig as Moondog Jr. (August 7th 1995). A lot of changes took place in those 15-18 months.  
If you can help us fill in the blanks, please react!

Official lyrics by Marc
April 20, 2008, 22:47 pm
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Now on Zitaswoon.com: all the lyrics!
So if you want to sing along with any of the Zita Swoon songs…

Josieanna, Quand même content and Spike Smiths’ for all lost goods!

Today Osez Aimer was used in Studio 1 as soundtrack on an item on Constant Vanden Stock .

Zita Tribute CD by Marc
April 1, 2008, 15:47 pm
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Zita Tribute CD front

About 6 years ago the idea of a Zita Tribute CD originated from the dEUS mailing list (dml). The project resulted in an 18 track CD with interpretations of known and rather rare Zita songs.

Thanks to Alex that great cd is now again avialable. This time as a torrent. You can find the file here. It’s in lossless .flac files, and the cover art comes with it.
(torrents can be downloaded through programs like utorrent, see comments for more detailed information on this)

I’ll add the songs as mp3 to the rabbitfield podcast – scheduled for tomorrow (evening).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great project!
(anyone still around?)

Continue reading

Rock Rally CD by Marc
March 9, 2008, 22:24 pm
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Did A Beatband/Moondog Jr/Zita Swoon ever entered Humo’s Rock Rally?
I don’t think so.
… but those people at Humo love ZS as much as we do, and they’ve put Zita Swoon on the Best of Rock Rally-cd anyway.

Rock Rally CD

In the youtube-video selection that accompanies the article, they’ve chosen Josiesomething.

(definitive tracklist will be added Tuesday)

1. The blackbox revelation – I think I like you (2nd 2006)
2. Gorky – Anja (3th 1990)
3. Zita Swoon – Josiesomething (SKC, final with dEUS, 1992)
4. An Pierlé – Jupiter (final 1996)
5. Absynthe Minded – My heroics, part one (2nd 2004)
6. De Kreuners – Ik wil je (final 1978)
7. Arid – Believer (final 1996)
8. The Machines – Don’t be cruel (winner 1980)
9. The Van Jets – Our love = strong (winner 2004)
10. De Brassers – En toen was er niets meer (final 1980)
11. Milow – Dreamers and renegades (final 2004)
12. Noordkaap – Druk in Leuven (winner 1990)
13. Goose – British mode (winner 2002)
14. Red Zebra – Can’t live in a living room (final 1980)
15. Zornik – Get whatever you want (final 2000)
16. Das Pop – Electronica for lovers (winner 1998)
17. Admiral Freebee – Einstein Brain (2nd 2000)
18. Mintzkov – Ruby red (winner 2000)
19. Dead Man Ray – Chemical (Daan, final with Citizen Kane, 1988, and Rudy Trouvé, final with dEUS, 1992)
20. Novastar – Wrong (winner 1996)
21. dEUS – Nothing really ends (final 1992)

Zita Swoon Tabs by Marc
February 13, 2008, 19:31 pm
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There seems to be a need for (guitar) tabs,
so here they are (linked)…

+ as mentioned before: some songs in the Zita Swoon songbook also have tabs

Zita Swoon Lyrics by Marc
February 11, 2008, 21:56 pm
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New in the link-section:

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