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Joris, Simon, and Hugo by Marc
August 3, 2009, 21:50 pm
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It has been a while since I’ve been to a Zita Swoon concert… and in those past months the ZS-line-up changed pretty radical.

Joris Caluwaerts, who has been with Zita Swoon since the making of ‘A song about a girls’ left the ZS-flock (to boldly go where no Joris has gone before… although I think Milow’s European succes has something to do with it – We’re still looking for a confirmation).

If you saw pictures of the past gigs, or even better: If you were there, you know two new musicians were added to the line-up. There’s no new piano man, no, Eva and Kapinga are taking care of that, but we do have:

Simon Pleysier on guitar. You might now him from Wawadadakwa or Zeker Weten, but he also wrote and performed music for Het Paleis (video).

Hugo Boogaerts brings the sound of the saxophone back to the ZS-stages (so you might train your “back then, when Benjamin was …”-quotes), he also plays the german flute (in dutch: dwarsfluit). Hugo was a guest musician on ‘Remember to withhold’, the closing track on Zita Swoon’s 2004 album ‘A song about a girls’. Back in the 90’s Hugo was a member of the Wizards of Ooze.

So yes, we are going to miss Joris and all his wonderful (magical) works on those black and white keys… but a new dawn peeped already over the horizon, so check the tour dates, and take your horses by the  bridles.

Next gig: Saturday, August 8th, Casa Blanca festival, Hemiksem (near Antwerp) (It’s a free festival)


Rudy Trouvé Septet video by Aarich by Marc
January 13, 2009, 13:50 pm
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Aarich made a video for the latest Rudy Trouvé Septet single ‘One day our house will become so heavy it will sink into the ground’…

There is a high quality download available at the Heaven Hotel website. (over here)

+ upcoming septet date:
February 6th, De Tunnel – Londenstraat 52, 2000 Antwerpen
(with Aarich and Joris)

Motek by Matthijs
May 5, 2008, 23:17 pm
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On the 16th of may, Motek will release their new album ‘Port Sunshine’

Eva, Kapinga, Amel and Joris were all guest musicians on this album.

‘Port Sunshine’ will be presented at Stuk, Leuven. Especially for this albumreleaseparty Motek will perform in the middle of the audience with visual screens in every corner of the room . You can win tickets here (that’s also our source)

Our friends won’t  perform at this gig. They’re here

The Rudy Trouvé Septet – Tourdates by Marc
March 4, 2008, 14:08 pm
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(with Joris and Aarich)
april 27, AB Club, Brussel (+Kawada)
may 07, Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp
july 27, Dijlefeesten, Mechelen

more Rudy-dates at Rudy’s great ideas

While we were sleeping by Marc

august 27th 2007
The Partchesz (Bjorn Eriksson and Nathalie Delcroix) release their debut album.
Visit their MySpace.


november 5th 2007
The Rudy Trouvé Sextet became a septet by welcoming Joris Caluwaerts. Zita drummer Aarich was already a member.

The septet released  “Songs and Stuff Recorded Between 2003 and 2007, Part One”.


december 2007
The radio edit of “Everything is not the same” remixed by spinvis could be found on the “Music Mania Winter Sampler, vol.11” (i think it’s an exclusive release)


february 15th 2008
Aarich made a contribution to Art for Sale (vooruit, Gent).