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De Standaard – Gardens and outdoor living by Matthijs
June 29, 2011, 23:18 pm
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Last week Eva, Kapinga and Stef were interviewed by de Standaard about gardens and their way of outdoor living in the summer.

‘Een tuin, een tafel en een goedgevulde koelkast, meer heb je niet nodig voor een onvergetelijke zomerdag. Al reserveer je het best ook wat goed gezelschap. Twee dames en een heer van Zita Swoon Group, bijvoorbeeld.’ 

translation: ‘A garden, a table and a full fridge, that’s all you need for a unforgetable summer’s day. Although you better invite some good company as well. Two lady’s and a gentleman from Zita Swoon Group, for instance.’

Interview and pictures here.


Wannasee TV: Awa and Kapinga @ Reyers Laat (maybe) by Marc
May 10, 2011, 14:57 pm
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There’s a chance Reyers Laat (Canvas, 23h) will have an item on “Wait for me” with Awa Demé  and Kapinga.

An article on the Zuiderpershuis said so until this morning (during the it was changed).

Source: Google + Christa

Original text:

“Nog maar enkele daagjes en ‘Wait for me’ van Zita Swoon Group gaat in première. Dinsdagavond zijn de zangeressen Awa Démé en Kapinga Gysel te gast in Reyers Laat (Canvas, rond 23u).”

Wait for me – Interview with Kapinga by Matthijs
May 8, 2011, 20:48 pm
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Voor de muziekproductie ‘Wait for me’ trok Zita Swoon Group naar Burkina Faso. Het was voor het eerst in achttien jaar tijd dat zangeres Kapinga Gysel weer voet aan wal zette in zwart Afrika. ‘Als kind weet je niet wat het betekent om een deur achter je dicht te trekken.’  Read it at De Standaard Online.

Nekka Nacht – Reviews by Matthijs
May 5, 2011, 10:50 am
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Here are a bunch of reviews of the last Nekka Nacht with Thé Lau (with the Scene) as curator.
Stef (with Eva & Kapinga) did two songs together with the band: Ik rangschik (Je Range) and Rauw, hees en teder (Raw, hoarsely and tenderly) The reviews are very mixed so if you were there, let us know your opinion!

De Morgen.be
De Standaard
Het Nieuwsblad

Opendoek Jury / Tom as a postman by Marc
April 27, 2010, 20:51 pm
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News from the movies:

Kapinga is one of the members of the Opendoek Filmfestival jury. (this week)

Tom (you remember Tom, don’t you?) had a very funny role in Lupo Thomas, Spinvis’ debut as a movie director. Tom plays a postman who has an emotional bond with the mail he delivered.

Joris, Simon, and Hugo by Marc
August 3, 2009, 21:50 pm
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It has been a while since I’ve been to a Zita Swoon concert… and in those past months the ZS-line-up changed pretty radical.

Joris Caluwaerts, who has been with Zita Swoon since the making of ‘A song about a girls’ left the ZS-flock (to boldly go where no Joris has gone before… although I think Milow’s European succes has something to do with it – We’re still looking for a confirmation).

If you saw pictures of the past gigs, or even better: If you were there, you know two new musicians were added to the line-up. There’s no new piano man, no, Eva and Kapinga are taking care of that, but we do have:

Simon Pleysier on guitar. You might now him from Wawadadakwa or Zeker Weten, but he also wrote and performed music for Het Paleis (video).

Hugo Boogaerts brings the sound of the saxophone back to the ZS-stages (so you might train your “back then, when Benjamin was …”-quotes), he also plays the german flute (in dutch: dwarsfluit). Hugo was a guest musician on ‘Remember to withhold’, the closing track on Zita Swoon’s 2004 album ‘A song about a girls’. Back in the 90’s Hugo was a member of the Wizards of Ooze.

So yes, we are going to miss Joris and all his wonderful (magical) works on those black and white keys… but a new dawn peeped already over the horizon, so check the tour dates, and take your horses by the  bridles.

Next gig: Saturday, August 8th, Casa Blanca festival, Hemiksem (near Antwerp) (It’s a free festival)

Listen to: Zita Swoon @ Het Groot Verzet (stubru) by Marc
June 30, 2009, 22:41 pm
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Shortways: here

… and those who choose to travel the longer or slower, but definitely more enjoyable path through the intersphere… they click here ánd here (to listen to ZS in inimini line-up, see pictures and stumble upon videos).