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Wait for Me – the album by Matthijs
February 9, 2012, 14:40 pm
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On february 17th (zs.com says the 20th?) Zita Swoon Group will release Wait for Me.  A new album featuring songs from the Wait For Me project with Awa Deme and Mamadou Diabate Kibié. Previews can be found on Soundcloud and NewBorderz.nl published a review already.


1. Sababu(The Reason)
2. A Sera, A Waara(He Came, He Went)
3. Tasuma / Ji(Fire / Water)
4. Taare(Surprise)
5. A Ni Baara(Greetings To He Who Works)
6. Nisondiya(Joy)
7. Taamala Fisa(It’s Good To Travel)
8. Sia Slide
9. Ala Lon Man Di(God is Hard To Know)
10. Ko Benna Waati(Everything Has Its Time)
11. A Y’I Majigin(Respect Yourself)
12. Negen(Flatter)


Recordstore day hooray! by Matthijs
March 3, 2011, 11:56 am
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Even though we had to bring you this news much earlier (this is like old news for most of you) We think the flyer says it all. The other news is that MusicMania will release a limited edition LP of music from Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist. Only available at independant recordstores in Belgium (maybe also in Holland) who participate that day.
More info about recordstore day can be found here.


While we were sleeping (5) by Marc

It has been some time since our latest item, isn’t it? Here’s what got stuck in our antennas:

Humo released 4cd’s with their selection of the best Belgian music made in the noughties. Zita Swoon songs: Hot hotter hottest, Hey you, whatshadoing?, I feel alive in the city, and Stef’s duet with Neeka, Don’t hold me back.

February 16th (that’s tuesday) you can see Kapinga and Eva in “in de keuken” (In the kitchen), a cooking program on Canvas.

Dominic ‘Dom’ Howard from Muse likes Ghinzu… and Zita Swoon (video)

SKC gigs:
– April 16 and 17, Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt, Belgium: A secret in the shape of a song, A David McComb tribute (Stef as a guest)
– May 1st, Tuinoptredens ‘t Bronneken, Asse, Belgium. (Stef solo)

Zita Swoon try out (dancing with the sound hobbyist)
– March 22, De Kollebloem, Puurs, Belgium

Anthology – artwork by Marc
November 21, 2009, 12:36 pm
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tracklist over here

BEL 2000 by Marc
October 5, 2009, 13:10 pm
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Studio Brussel released 2 5cd sets with Belgian music from 2000 until 2009, each cd covering one year.

Are ‘we’ on it?
Yes we are:

  • box 1, cd 3 (2002) Neeka & Stef Kamil Carlens – Don’t hold me back
  • box 1, cd 5 (2004) Zita Swoon – Thinking about you all the time
  • box 2, cd 3 (2007) Zita Swoon – I feel alive in the city

Complete tracklist and picture here.

To play, to dream, to drift: an anthology by Marc
September 23, 2009, 18:21 pm
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“Dit najaar komt een verzamelalbum uit; ‘To play, to dream, to drift, an anthology’ is een dubbel-cd met een selectie uit de hoogtepunten van hun studioalbums en een 2de cd met vele onuitgegeven extra’s, gaande van het prille begin rond 1991 tot vandaag.”
(press release, sept 23 2009)

” This fall Zita Swoon will release a compilation album. ‘To play, to dream, to drift, an anthology’ is a double-cd set containing 1 disc with the highlights from the band’s studio albums and a second disc with unreleased extra’s, from the very beginning around 1991 until today.”

Podcast: Kamil and the Beatband by Marc
November 14, 2008, 11:08 am
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It’s been over 15 years since Zita Swoon -back then known as A Beatband- had it’s first release (Jintro travels the word in a skirt). Like almost any band, A Beatband made demo’s that predate their first official release. With kind permission of Stef Kamil we can offer you two songs from “the big 46 tape” by Kamil and the Beatband. This demotape was made in 1992. The following musicians appear on it: Sander Bruyneel, Steven Bruyneel, Bas Deriemaeker, Aarich Jespers, and Stef Kamil Carlens.
You’ve might have witnessed the band’s evolution through rock, dance, electronic, and quiet acoustic music… but at the beginning, there was blues.


Hangover in the Laundry (3,9MB)

L’Amour n’est pas avec moi (7MB)

p.s. The second song is a TC Matic song which was released on their album Choco (1983)… and it’s a nice way to remind you of the Arno session (with a.o. SKC), next monday (nov 17) at the Amerikaans Theater (sold out) and live at Radio 1.

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