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Review – Wait for Me – Humo by Matthijs
March 4, 2012, 13:35 pm
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Humo.be posted their review of Wait for Me yesterday. Unlike the first part could suggesting it’s very possitive.
What we need is schooling for the children / What we need is fairness in trade / What we need is transparent governance’: neen, het keihard intrappen van zeer wijd openstaande deuren wordt niet gemeden op ‘Wait For Me’, de nieuwe Zita Swoon.
Read it here.


Review – De Standaard *** by Matthijs
February 20, 2012, 20:21 pm
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De Standaard published a review (in dutch) and Wait for me earned three out of five stars.

Deze plaat is de vrucht van Stef Kamil Carlens’ reizen in Burkina Faso en zijn ontmoeting met lokale muzikanten. Ze tast de verschillen meer af dan ze opheft: steeds opnieuw zoeken de verschillende tradities naar wat ze elkaar kunnen vertellen of ontfutselen. Veel interactie gebeurt op het ritmische vlak, waar deze gelegenheidsband uiterst sterk staat – in ‘Ko Benna Waati’ waan je je bijna op een oude Santana-plaat. In ‘Négén’ weegt de hypnose van de marimba door, het hitsige ‘Sababu’ is een typische Carlens-song met een afrobeatgloed en meerdere andere nummers krijgen een bluesy stempel mee die de maatschappelijk geladen teksten goed dient. Harmonisch botsen de repetitieve zanglijnen op de wat psychedelische versiering van gitaren en toetsen, wat de muziek een heel eigen cachet geeft. Carlens zocht niet naar mode of hype, maar produceert eerlijk en met een groot geloof in het project.

Wait for Me – the album by Matthijs
February 9, 2012, 14:40 pm
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On february 17th (zs.com says the 20th?) Zita Swoon Group will release Wait for Me.  A new album featuring songs from the Wait For Me project with Awa Deme and Mamadou Diabate Kibié. Previews can be found on Soundcloud and NewBorderz.nl published a review already.


1. Sababu(The Reason)
2. A Sera, A Waara(He Came, He Went)
3. Tasuma / Ji(Fire / Water)
4. Taare(Surprise)
5. A Ni Baara(Greetings To He Who Works)
6. Nisondiya(Joy)
7. Taamala Fisa(It’s Good To Travel)
8. Sia Slide
9. Ala Lon Man Di(God is Hard To Know)
10. Ko Benna Waati(Everything Has Its Time)
11. A Y’I Majigin(Respect Yourself)
12. Negen(Flatter)

Interview – Brusselnieuws.be by Marc
December 5, 2009, 22:53 pm
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An interview with Stef Kamil. Read it here (in dutch)

What is it about?
Plans for the next 2 year’s?
Dancing with the sound hobbyist, travel to Burkina Faso (twice)… and do something with those experiences (in cooperation with Het Zuiderpershuis), the Zita Swoon orchestra (an instrumental project).

The band’s evolution
The music got more layers, the lyrics more transparency.

Hearing the early recordings
Charming/ good ideas / being Tom Waits

Did dreams come true?
It didn’t match the romantic idea. It’s not easy to manage the band artistic and business wise (they have no manager), but being a musician is still a privilege.

That artistic drive… where did it come from?
His dad loves classical music, draws, paints, makes etches, writes, is an expert in French literature.

+ At the bottom of the interview there’s a review of  the anthology

Review – To play, to dream, to drift – A Zita Swoon anthology by Marc
November 22, 2009, 01:09 am
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Update: Nederlandse tekst bij de reacties.

According to pianist Leif Ove Andesnes experts and fanatic fans are the most difficult ones to convince. We count ourselves to the group of -oh well- fanatic fans and… the man is right. Yes, sometimes we lose ourselves in details, we mercilessly dispute the way a guitar line evolved, disagree with new artistic paths, or a whine endlessly when a favorite song is no longer on the setlist.
And yet … we still love this band and therefore we were eagerly looking forward to the release of Zita Swoon’s first career overview. We grabbed this double CD out of a transport crate at our local dealer and …

Two discs and a picture book, wrapped in some beautiful artwork became ours at a very competitive price.
While we notice that the picture book smells like a set of prepared marathon legs (imagine something like reflex spray), the first CD goes in the player. We are ready for a marathon by more than 15 years music.

Zita Swoon is not a band who narrows itself to a single style, which shows when listening to the first disc with the bands classics. There’s blues, pop, rock, bluesfolkfunk, and Zita Swoon. Quiet songs like ‘TV Song’, ‘Giving up the hero’ and ‘Hey you, whatshadoing?’ are alternated with songs that get you dancing, like ‘Jintro & the great Luna’, ‘Disco’, and ‘Thinking about you all the time’.
It’s not easy to go through a song catalog of 10 (semi-)studio albums, make a selection that fits on a single CD and satisfies all those damn fanatics, but we can only say that the courageous man who compiled this set found an ideal path that covers almost all the bands faces.
Almost, yes, because no song from “Plage Tattoo / Circumstances” made it to this discs, and that’s a pity. We realize these songs are difficult to fit in, and PT/C is the kind of album where “for the fans” can be applied … but like you start to love the strange habits of your friend as time goes by, we love those stranger elements in Zita Swoon.

Especially for the demanding fans (whining over an incomplete compilation), Stef Kamil and crew added a 2nd CD with previously unreleased music. While the golden path was paved with stones from the yellow brick road (aka the previously released albums) this CD contains the cobble stones that once served as a driveway to that road or were left along it: this is demo-land, and it is fantastic.
You’ll hear the band in a premature bluesy version when she was called ‘Kamil and the Beatband’ or ‘A Beatband’. ‘Two horses blues’ will make you think of dEUS’ ‘Suds and Soda’. You’ll wonder why ‘Big black tv cat’ and ‘A Jugboy = Lonely’ got new names (tip for interviewers!). You’ll hear Tom Barman, and will finally know how ‘A song about a girls’ sounded with Mauro and Guy Van Nueten.
In short: this is a gold mine, a gold mine with extras because you’re also getting 2 new songs: ‘Lonely Place’, which you could hear during the Dancing with The sound hobbyist performances, and the more recent ‘Wake Up for the trees’, a song that sounds like it was made to play between the audience, busker style, the way it all started.

For a moment the Zita Swoon story comes to an end, a 2 year break is coming up. First you’ll get to see them at the 15+ concerts and the 2nd Sound Hobbyist theater tour with Rosas, but afterwards Stef Kamil will go out to explore new paths, collect stones, create the Zita Swoon way (and convince those experts, fanatics, and everyone else… again).

Some more Big Blueville reviews by Marc
April 15, 2008, 12:59 pm
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In french: Anous.fr, Indiepoprock.net, Les inrocks

In dutch: Kwadratuur, Cutting Edge, Soundslike

Chorus Festival, La Defense, Paris (02/04) by Marc
April 3, 2008, 22:57 pm
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If you were singing along at this ‘a band in a box’-concert, there’s a chance you’re the big fan mentioned in this blog report. It comes with some kind of ‘Where is Wally’ picture… so click the picture and go find Stef. 

+ googling around I also found this:
Some Big Bleuville reviews: popnews.com, M La Music and Yaquoi.com
An 2007 mini-blogreport of ZS’s gig at Les Jeudis Du Port, a free festival in Brest (July 26th 2007)