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Download – Kdo Song by Marc
December 23, 2009, 22:08 pm
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You can download the Kdo song (with Saule and Stef Kamil Carlens) on the official Kdo website.

Or listen here:


Club Central session by Marc
December 14, 2009, 00:40 am
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click image for video and audio

Totaly forgot about this…

Stef Kamil was one of the two guests in the first episode of Club Central, a new cross media project (the other one was 1060, a Brussels-based band).

The session and interviews were recorded on November 29th and broadcasted on December 7th on tvBrussel and FM Brussel.
To keep it exciting for us, they both came up with a quite different result.

Club Central @ tvBrussel:

07’10” SKC – The longing stays inside + interview (until 13’10”)
17’15” Julien Vrebos and Stef Kamil visit a football stadium in Schaarbeek where Bob Dylan performed in 1984. Stef plays Dylan’s License to kill. Next (at 20’50”, back in the studio) we see Stef playing Leave the town. (until 24’50”)
32’10” SKC – Selfish girl
35’10” Interview about his plans for the future, and the anthology (nothing new) + Stef tells he really wants to start drawing again.
38’20” SKC – Lonely place (until the end of the show)

Club Central @ FM Brussel
as from 2/5 far in timeline: (the first part is all about 1060)

Selfish Girl
Pretty Girl
– Interview 1 (about zitaswoon.com – and it’s key role in the band’s communication)
The longing stays inside
Leave the town
– Interview 2
After I’m gone

+ I would like to thank the people of Caroline Music for letting me have the Club Central poster they had.

Download – Lonely Place by Marc
December 7, 2009, 00:08 am
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De Standaard offers a free download of Lonely Place to registered users (it’s free to register)

There’s a video of the song on the same page.

Pictures – Stef Kamil Carlens @ Club Central by Marc
December 6, 2009, 12:29 pm
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click image

Don’t forget to tune in to tvBrussel or FM Brussel Monday evening, 21h.

Radio – Zita Swoon @ studio 136 (radio france international) by Marc
December 5, 2009, 23:02 pm
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read article (short bio in french)
listen to part 1 (first 9min is Hervé Samb), and part 2

Session setlist:
– Leave the town
– After I’m gone
– It ain’t what you do (Bananarama) (with Hervé Samb)

Today – Zita Swoon @ Le Mouv’ (Radio) by Marc
December 2, 2009, 08:04 am
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The Zita Swoon Twitter channel tells us today the band will on The Laura Leishman Project, a radio program on Le Mouv’ (French radio).

Date: Wednesday, December 2nd 2009
Time: between 21h20 and 21h50

Stef and the host (Laura  Leishman) talked about the anthology and the upcoming ‘break’ the band takes.
The following tracks were played:
1/ My bond with you and your planet: disco (Soulwax remix) – Stef met Stephen Dewaele (1/2 of Soulwax) through Tom Barman. Tom and Stephen both had a film education.
2/ 2 Horses Blues – A Beatband, Tom Waits style.
3/ Suds & Soda (dEUS)
4/ Intrigue – demo in a with a very rich arrangement, with Mauro
5/ Le loup dans la bergerie (Miossec )

In between the songs Stef told they will play for about 2h30 at the upcoming 15+ concerts.

Tonight: Live streaming Radio 1 session by Marc
November 23, 2009, 17:10 pm
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november 23rd 2009 / 20h-23h / listen here (click ‘luister live’)

Update (nov 24th):
click here for pics and audio.