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Wannasee-TV – Belpop special Stef Kamil Carlens by Marc
October 3, 2010, 21:26 pm
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Belpop’s back
… and their first episode of this third season is about Stef Kamil Carlens.

There’s an introduction video over here (the part on Stef starts at 3’50”)

Channel: Canvas
Date: October 11th, 21h10.


While we were sleeping (5) by Marc

It has been some time since our latest item, isn’t it? Here’s what got stuck in our antennas:

Humo released 4cd’s with their selection of the best Belgian music made in the noughties. Zita Swoon songs: Hot hotter hottest, Hey you, whatshadoing?, I feel alive in the city, and Stef’s duet with Neeka, Don’t hold me back.

February 16th (that’s tuesday) you can see Kapinga and Eva in “in de keuken” (In the kitchen), a cooking program on Canvas.

Dominic ‘Dom’ Howard from Muse likes Ghinzu… and Zita Swoon (video)

SKC gigs:
– April 16 and 17, Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt, Belgium: A secret in the shape of a song, A David McComb tribute (Stef as a guest)
– May 1st, Tuinoptredens ‘t Bronneken, Asse, Belgium. (Stef solo)

Zita Swoon try out (dancing with the sound hobbyist)
– March 22, De Kollebloem, Puurs, Belgium

Plus by Marc
July 28, 2009, 22:37 pm
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Tomorrow, Wednesday July 29th, on Canvas+ (digital channel):

20h40 – 21h50 / Arno + Stef Kamil Carlens (@ Radio 1 Sessions)
21h50 – 22h39 / Wim Vandekeybus + Stef Kamil Carlens (@ Lux)

Dit is Belgisch: Stef Kamil Carlens by Marc
November 26, 2008, 17:06 pm
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December 18th 2005: canvas broadcasts “Dit Is Belgisch, dit is Stef Kamil Carlens“. I missed it.
February 4th 2007: they broadcast it again. This time I saw it, but forgot to record it.

Now it’s on ZitaSwoonTV:

Stef and Aarich about the early days of the band. You’ll see posters for a gigs by ‘Kamil and the Beatband’ (October 1990 and May 1991), and by A Beatband (Debuutrock, April 1993)… and a cover of one of their demo’s, Tracks of two Horses (the one with the pin-up).

Tom Barman and Stef Kamil about how they met, living together and dEUS.

The moondog Jr. era, and Stef leaving dEUS.

Plage Tattoo / dressing as a woman / being a human being / Tomas en Björn leaving Zita Swoon / (ex-)members and friends about Stef

Stef about his art

SKC on songwriting / Tom Barman and Axelle Red about Stef / Stef and Tom Pintens about the “A song About A Girls”-era.

Stef on costumes and designing them, the ‘a band in box’ concept, and the future.

Canvascollectie, video online by Marc
June 6, 2008, 18:34 pm
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Wohow! I didn’t expect Canvas to put those video’s online that fast, but they did… and we can only be happy about it.

“In het atelier van Stef Kamil Carlens” is probably the most interesting video for the Zita Swoon-crowd.

This is what Stef Kamil says: 
* To share, or pass energy to the observer is the most important element in his work as artist and musician.
* Beauty is often an objective
* He likes simple, naïve techniques
* Because there isn’t that much time left besides Zita Swoon, making statues or exhibitions is ‘playtime’, it is a way to relax.

previous at The Rabbit Field: “Canvascollectie, with Stef

Canvascollectie, with Stef by Marc
June 6, 2008, 08:22 am
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I totally forgot about this …

Yesterday, Stef was part of a jury in “de Canvascollectie”, a tv show to promote/expose art made by non-professional  artists (or: the people who watch this tv channel).

A litle bird told us you could see Stef…
– taking polaroids of some pieces;
– making his own art (made of papier maché) in his home studio… while being interviewed.

Do we get a second chance to watch the program? 
Yes, by next Wednesday it should be available on their website.

(tnx to Christa)

Dit Is Belgisch, Dit Is Stef Kamil Carlens by Marc
December 15, 2005, 13:56 pm
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in flemish we have a saying that goes like this: beter laat dan nooit.

ter info:
-groot interview met Stef gisteren in De Morgen
-there was a big interview with stef in de morgen, a belgian newspaper

-morgen, donderdag 15/12 zit Stef als centrale gast in Brussel Midi op
Studio Brussel van 12u-13u
-stef was a central guest in brussels midi on stubru, belgian radio

– zondag 18/12 zendt Canvas om 13 u de reportage uit waar ze Stef een
dik jaar lang voor gevolgd hebben : “Dit Is Belgisch, Dit Is Stef Kamil

-stef kamil has been followed for over a year. you can see the result on belgian tv on 18/12/05. somebody tape it for me, they don´t have canvas here in costa rica… but who needs television here anyway. it´s such a beautifull country…