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Benefit Concert Ademloos by Matthijs

Stef Kamil Carlens is organizing a benefit concert on September 22nd for the Antwerp citizen movement Ademloos at De Roma, Antwerp. Guests for that evenning are Tom Barman, Helmut Lotti, Raymond van het Groenewoud and Internationals (more to follow)
De Standaard published a little interview with Stef about it HERE.


Review – Stef solo @ de Roma by Marc
September 3, 2010, 23:35 pm
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If I was an artist and lucky enough to choose the venues I played  at… De Roma would be one of those. Some of the recent bunker-like halls may their technical qualities, but all of them lack the kind of atmosphere this former cinema has.
By using only half of the available room (divided by a curtain), and choosing a bar-like setting with scattered tables and chairs, the room whispered a warm welcome and absorbed my ‘I forgot my ticket’ and ‘Will I get there in time’-rushes of blood.

Was it good? It was great!
We got stripped down versions of songs taken from Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist and Big City/Big Blueville, some covers (Son House, The Triffids, Joni Mitchell), a Moondog Jr.-song, and the song Stef wrote for Yasmine (Mooi).

I liked… the way tension was built and released in L’opaque paradis, the sound of the wooden box drum, the a capella version of Grinnin’ in your face, the intensity of Lonely place, how Pretty girl made people reach for their partner, … and so on.
Raining Pleasure seemed a bit too fast, and the setlist too short… but it’s never enough, so that’s ok.

Stef had at least 4 guitars with him. A big one with very warm sound, a dobro, the painted one, and the rectangular one.

On previous occasions (hotelgasten, on the wings of a rabbit) Stef had played none or very few songs of his own. I was glad to see nowadays the balance tips the other way.

Complete setlist over here.

Stef & Sarah – Needle and the damage done @ Melkweg by Marc
October 26, 2009, 07:57 am
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Sarah Bettens & Stef Kamil – Oct 25, Melkweg, Amsterdam

On October 20th Stef was also Sarah’s guest at the Roma (Antwerpen), they played:

  • Come over here (Sarah Bettens)
  • Needle and the damage done (Neil Young)
  • Ol’55 (Tom Waits)