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Video – Subterranean Homesick Blues by Matthijs
November 1, 2012, 21:51 pm
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Review – Wait for Me – Humo by Matthijs
March 4, 2012, 13:35 pm
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Humo.be posted their review of Wait for Me yesterday. Unlike the first part could suggesting it’s very possitive.
What we need is schooling for the children / What we need is fairness in trade / What we need is transparent governance’: neen, het keihard intrappen van zeer wijd openstaande deuren wordt niet gemeden op ‘Wait For Me’, de nieuwe Zita Swoon.
Read it here.

SKC and cycling by Matthijs
April 1, 2010, 09:36 am
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An interview with Stef about cycling can be found in this weeks Humo.
Here are two quotes (dutch):

Stef Kamil Carlens «Ik heb vier fietsen: mijn koersfiets, een bakfiets om te winkelen, een chopper voor de lol en een oude koersfiets als ik snel in ‘t stad moet zijn. Ik probeer zo weinig mogelijk de auto te gebruiken. Groene jongen, hè. Als ik voor een korte afstand de auto moet nemen, voel ik me al schuldig.»

Stef Kamil Carlens «Als het mooi weer is en ik moet ergens naartoe, ook al is het in Leuven of Gent of Brussel, dan neem ik de fiets. Ik ben zelfs al vanuit Antwerpen naar Kortrijk en Brugge gereden. Twee jaar geleden speelde ik met Zita Swoon heel veel op zomerfestivals: toen ging ik altijd met de fiets. ‘s Avonds keerde ik dan wel terug met de camionette. Zomaar vertrekken voor een tochtje doe ik nooit: dan voel ik me schuldig dat ik niet werk, snap je.»

While we were sleeping (5) by Marc

It has been some time since our latest item, isn’t it? Here’s what got stuck in our antennas:

Humo released 4cd’s with their selection of the best Belgian music made in the noughties. Zita Swoon songs: Hot hotter hottest, Hey you, whatshadoing?, I feel alive in the city, and Stef’s duet with Neeka, Don’t hold me back.

February 16th (that’s tuesday) you can see Kapinga and Eva in “in de keuken” (In the kitchen), a cooking program on Canvas.

Dominic ‘Dom’ Howard from Muse likes Ghinzu… and Zita Swoon (video)

SKC gigs:
– April 16 and 17, Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt, Belgium: A secret in the shape of a song, A David McComb tribute (Stef as a guest)
– May 1st, Tuinoptredens ‘t Bronneken, Asse, Belgium. (Stef solo)

Zita Swoon try out (dancing with the sound hobbyist)
– March 22, De Kollebloem, Puurs, Belgium

Humo gives a 10 by Matthijs
July 17, 2008, 21:48 pm
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Humo gives Zita Swoon a 10 out of 10 for their show at Rock Werchter. In their latest issue they talk with Stef and give a us a little but great review (yes again).

Translation of the review and interview will follow (soon)

Rock Werchter report by Marc


Studio Brussel had a video interview with Stef this afternoon:

  • He liked the Montreal Jazz festival (july 1st).
  • Stef doesn’t want to play at werchter’s main stage because it doesn’t fit their music, and likes the Pyramid Marquee because of it’s intimacy.
  • Neil Young’s the only artist he wanted to see tonight.
  • His favourite Zita Swoon-mood drink: Cuba Libre.

There’s a backstage interview with Stef in the Report 08 section of the Rock Werchter website.

Here’s how you get there: Go to the homepage > choose the “Report 08” tab > Dag 2 > click Zita Swoon in the Movies-column.
Stef talk’s about:

  • How he got there by bike. Stef try’s to do this for each Belgian festival gig. Last week it took him about 4 hours to get in Genk (a 120km ride).
  • He had a bit of a hangover as a result of a night out with Tom Barman.
  • Now Tom won’t be replaced they chanced some of the arrangements. Joris got a lot more work on his hands. Now the arrangements are less rock and more reggae.
  • His ideal preparation to a gig:
    – a quiet backstage where he can listen to some Son House or Muddy Waters-like blues,
    – having a drink,
    – time to warm-up his voice and arrange the clothes,
    – being alone for a while
    – no interviews 😀
    (tnx to Christa)

+ Pictures:

Click image to view pics at Le Blog de Pure FM

See also: Cutting Edge (photo report)

+ Gig reports:
De Standaard (tnx to Christa), De Morgen (with setlist), Humo (with pics), VRTnieuws, and Goformusic (with pics)

Full setlist: here

Rock Rally CD by Marc
March 9, 2008, 22:24 pm
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Did A Beatband/Moondog Jr/Zita Swoon ever entered Humo’s Rock Rally?
I don’t think so.
… but those people at Humo love ZS as much as we do, and they’ve put Zita Swoon on the Best of Rock Rally-cd anyway.

Rock Rally CD

In the youtube-video selection that accompanies the article, they’ve chosen Josiesomething.

(definitive tracklist will be added Tuesday)

1. The blackbox revelation – I think I like you (2nd 2006)
2. Gorky – Anja (3th 1990)
3. Zita Swoon – Josiesomething (SKC, final with dEUS, 1992)
4. An Pierlé – Jupiter (final 1996)
5. Absynthe Minded – My heroics, part one (2nd 2004)
6. De Kreuners – Ik wil je (final 1978)
7. Arid – Believer (final 1996)
8. The Machines – Don’t be cruel (winner 1980)
9. The Van Jets – Our love = strong (winner 2004)
10. De Brassers – En toen was er niets meer (final 1980)
11. Milow – Dreamers and renegades (final 2004)
12. Noordkaap – Druk in Leuven (winner 1990)
13. Goose – British mode (winner 2002)
14. Red Zebra – Can’t live in a living room (final 1980)
15. Zornik – Get whatever you want (final 2000)
16. Das Pop – Electronica for lovers (winner 1998)
17. Admiral Freebee – Einstein Brain (2nd 2000)
18. Mintzkov – Ruby red (winner 2000)
19. Dead Man Ray – Chemical (Daan, final with Citizen Kane, 1988, and Rudy Trouvé, final with dEUS, 1992)
20. Novastar – Wrong (winner 1996)
21. dEUS – Nothing really ends (final 1992)

Marconi Session by Marc
February 18, 2008, 16:32 pm
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Different sources (Humo + MySpace Bart) announce a Marconi session for Zita Swoon on the 5th of march.

What is it?
An intimite concert recorded by Radio 1 at the Marconi Studio.

Apparently, last week there was a contest on the Humo-website where you could win tickets (10 x 2)… I have no idea if – and where – other tickets will be available… but i guess Radio 1 will have it’s own contest on Volume 1 and Exit  (last week they had a contest for the marconi session with Gabriel Rios, Jef Neve and Kobe Proesmans at february 26th).

humo’s poppoll by Marc
February 28, 2006, 17:49 pm
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zita swoon will perform on humo’s poppoll, 20/03/06, sportpaleis, antwerpen
and on may 4th 2006 at the “cirque royale” brussels. It’s the “les nuits botaniques” festival.
de leute !

koen (admin@rabbitfield.com)

Humo interview SKC by Marc
January 31, 2006, 18:00 pm
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big interview with stef kamil carlens in todays humo. abstract soon.

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