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Interview – SKC @ Radio 1 Sessie by Marc
October 17, 2010, 22:19 pm
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Another post on Ozark Henry’s Radio 1 session (official videos and pics over here)

Those sessions are a 3 hour radio show curated by 1 central guest who invites some friends. Last Friday Piet Goddaer (leader of Ozark Henry) was that central guest, and invited Isbells, Jef Neve, Dorléac (Spinvis and Geike Arnaert), and Stef Kamil. All of them played an individual set and sometimes accompanied each other. In between the sets the artists are interviewed by Luc Janssens.

Q&A SKC interview:

Luc Janssens: You were there at the two previous editions. What was the most beautiful combination?
SKC: They were all fun to do, but I loved playing Arno for a while that first year. Singing his songs is incredible.

LJ: It was incredible for us to. It was striking how -when singing, and with closed eyes- you and Arno sound the same. You probably did that a lot when you were young?
SKC:  I listened a lot to Arno, watched a lot of posters, and tried to be as cool as him.

LJ: That’ll come, you just have to age… and drink a lot of vodka. But I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.
Last Monday you had your own Belpop episode…
*to the public: Has anyone seen it? (a few hands rise), and who liked it? (a lot of hands rise)*
… which means you made it Stef, you’re in the hall of fame.
SKC: This is the end of the line (laughing)

LJ: I think it’s a new beginning, you made it.
SKC: I made a lot of things, “it”, a lot of things…

LJ: Did your mother watch it… and what did she say about it?
SKC: I don’t now, I’ll meet her tomorrow.

LJ: Are you afraid she found out things she didn’t knew before?
SKC: I don’t think so, she knows what we did.

LJ: You and Ozark Henry seem to have the same haircut, but the likenesses goes even further…
SKC: Yes, a Flemish head, with a greek nose, and  a “difficult” haircut. (laughing)

LJ: What do you think of the new Ozark Henry songs?
SKC: I think it’s a stunt to play those new songs here for the first time with a new band and a new sound.
Piet (Goddaer) has a very beautiful, personal, warm voice, which is like a thread through his music. I think it’s great how he keeps making whimsical music and still attract a broad audience. I’m a fan.


Wannahear Radio – 40 again by Marc
October 3, 2010, 21:47 pm
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Last weeks interviews are now available at Radio1.be

(thanks to Christa)

Video – Stef @ De Zevende Dag (Lonely Place) by Marc
November 29, 2009, 13:04 pm
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Just saw a mini interview with Stef Kamil at De Zevende Dag (één). He talked about future projects, such as the Zita Swoon Orchestra (ZS + classic musicians) and the African project in collaboration with Het Zuiderpershuis.

The item started with footage taken from the Radio 1 session showing Stef and Tom Barman playing Thinking about you all the time, and was closed by Stef (who looked tired) playing Lonely Place live.

click image

Plato in-store – mini review by Marc
January 15, 2009, 16:28 pm
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From our (almost) local sms-correspondent:

The store was pretty crowded.
Stef played Captain of your shipwreck (Neil Diamond) (video), Joni Mitchell’s Tin Angel (video), and Another day full of dread by Will Oldham (video)… and there were a lot of camera’s.

(thanks Christa)

Update 1: Nu.nl reports from the festival and made a little video about this in-store-gig. Check it here.

skc nu.nl

Update 2: FaceCulture.tv has videos of all songs here.
Update 3: Pictures and videos

Mini video interview by Marc

A video Martin pointed out (in french):


As it was an exclusive interview for Zik Addict, I removed the video
(follow this link to view the original article)


Concise translation:
Q: What’s your favourite french artist and group?
SKC: Léo ferré & Mano Negra

Q: What album made you crazy in love with it?
SKC: Look-Ka Py Py – The meters
(later transformed to the neville brothers) (New orleans, funk, instrumental)

Q: What record is your everlasting favourite?
SKC: Everything Bruce Springsteen made, starting by The River

Q: What song – out of the entire music history – you wish was yours?
SKC: smoke gets in your eyes

Q: Dilemma: stop recording records or never play live again
SKC: I will always keep playing for an audience.

Radio 1, cd-presentation, articles, etc… by Marc
March 24, 2007, 13:13 pm
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*you’ve might heard the new single of zita swoon, i feel alive in the city, on the radio.
tuesday 27 march, radio 1, http://www.radio1.be will present the album from 23 till midnight.
Floris Daelemans will talk with Stef Kamil Carlens.
(thanks jasper and dieter)


*new date : 3 mei op Les Nuits Botanique, inKoninklijk Circus!


*there is an interview with skc in telemoustique


*and an interview in oor
favoriete:plaat: songs for drella – lou reed & john cale [1990]
boek: a short history of tractors in ukrainian – marina lewycka [2006]
kunst: berlinde de bruyckere [1964]
film: casanova – federico fellini [1976]
(thanks tijs vervaet)


*and bart van belle mailed me this article in a tjsech newspaper:

Heartbreak heaven, Zita Swoon wallows in divine despair By James Scanlon For The Prague PostMarch 7th, 2007

Even with beautiful backup singers, Carlens manages to stay terminally depressed. Zita Swoon will not be appearing onstage at Akropolis this week, but fear not: The Belgian ensemble will be on the floor instead. There will be no need for a PA system either, as the audience will be encouraged to gather around the band right in the middle of the hall.
If it all sounds a touch bizarre, that’s because it is. According to frontman Stef Kamil Carlens, who spoke to The Prague Post from the band’s office in Antwerp, it’s all about doing away with convention in order to create the most natural and intimate setting for the Zita Swoon sound.
Carlens served his musical apprenticeship by playing bass for dEUS, a band once hailed as “the mother of all Belgian bands” for its wayward mix of Beefheart, Zappa and Pixies–inspired tunes. However, after recording three acclaimed albums, disillusionment set in and Carlens moved on. He temporarily became Moondog Jr. before adopting the moniker Zita Swoon.
Critics often struggle when it comes to categorizing the Zita Swoon sound, but retro-wave meets smoky, laid-back lounge blues will do for now. Also in the mix, there’s more than a passing nod to Tom Waits, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and even David Byrne. Some heroes are honored with cover versions such as “Raining Pleasure” by the late David McComb of the Australian band The Triffids, and “You’re A Big Girl Now” by Bob Dylan.
Of the former, Carlens says, “I didn’t get to know about The Triffids and their music until a few years ago. But then I discovered what a great, great songwriter McComb was, and what a great band it was. A friend of mine from Amsterdam organized a visual exhibition called “A Temporary Monument For Dave McComb.” I and a few friends organized a tribute band, and played 15 Triffids songs for the opening of the event. It was an amazing experience.”
Zita Swoon has been known to branch out in all sorts of curious directions. The band’s 1997 debut Music Inspired by Sunrise was actually a soundtrack to a silent movie by F.W. Murnau, and Plage Tattoo/Circumstances (2000) was a music, dance and theater piece described at the time as “an energetic fusion of the raw exhibitionistic dance style of Augustijnen and Okano and the fragmentary melancholy of Zita Swoon.”
If there’s a single narrative thread linking the Zita Swoon songs together, it’s Carlen’s overwhelming passion for women and the complex emotional entanglement of love. Consider just the titles of albums like I Paint Pictures on a Wedding Dress (1998), Life = A Sexy Sanctuary (2001) and A Song About a Girls (2004). But it’s the latest offering — Camera Concert – A Band in a Box (2005) — that exposes the most turmoil.
Some would say Carlens should just shake it off and come to terms with the grim reality that his ex-squeeze is now probably in bed with another man. But he simply can’t let go, as live cuts like “Hey You, Whatshadoing?” and “Selfish Girl” demonstrate.
Zita Swoon
When: Friday, March 9, at 7:30 Where: Palác Akropolis Tickets: 250 Kč through Ticketpro and at the venue
“Both songs are about the same thing,” Carlens confides. “They’re about the split-up of two people. They don’t see each other anymore, and they don’t know what the other one’s doing. It’s always wondering what the other one’s doing in life,” he starts, then pauses before adding, “I was going through a complicated period at the time, and since I’m a songwriter I just can’t help writing songs about it.”
With such intense emotion on disc, it’s not difficult to imagine how caught up in the songs Carlens must get when he’s on the stage — sorry, on the floor. In Prague, he promises a rather quiet start, with songs that demand close listener attention, but with backup that includes electric and acoustic guitars, piano, accordion and the soothing vocals of two female African singers. But the music will build as the night goes on.
“It should all end in a party,” Carlens promises.
A sign, perhaps, that he’s finally getting a grip on things

some dutch interviews by Marc
June 5, 2006, 14:10 pm
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there are some dutch interviews with stef on radio1
interview 1 about the summerfestivals
interview 2 about theater aan zee; scroll down