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The genesis of Zita Swoon by Marc
January 26, 2008, 22:41 pm
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Me and my friend google translated the french article on Big Blueville Neli pointed out.
I’m looking forward to hear the new and re-recorded songs.

Here’s a video of ‘oldie’ People Can’t Stand The Truth (originally released on Plage Tattoo/Circumstances)

March 25 was set as release date.


Ever since the creation of Zita Swoon took place there’s past more than a decade under the leadership of Stef Kamil Carlens, the groups roots go back a little further, in the early 90’s. It was under the name of A Beatband that Stef, already accompanied by Aarich Jespers and Tom Pintens, released his first EP in 1993.

The following year Stef joined Tom Barman as bassist, singer and composer at dEUS. The same time in 1995 under the name Moondog Jr they release the first album and run as opening act, especially for Morphine. But the American composer Louis “Moondog” Hardin denies the use of that name that will become Zita Swoon. The success and dEUS’ tour schedule leaves little time for Stef to work on his own project.
In 1996, after three albums with dEUS, Stef decides to leave to devote himself entirely to Zita Swoon.


At the end of 2006 Zita Swoon recorded the album ‘Big City’ which was released in March 2007. Following a change of label (V2 Music France), the album does not see the day in France. Released only in the Benelux this album has sold nearly 20000 copies.

During 2007 they went into the studio to record new titles, and decide to use the experience of many European concerts played since the release of ‘Big City’ to rerecord some tracks on the album: “Infinite Down”, “I Feel Alive in the City”, “Je Range”, “Everything is not the Same”, “L’ Opaque Paradis”.

They also use this as an opportunity to rerelease older titles. These new songs and re-recorded tracks with a more direct approach gives birth as ‘Big Blueville.

During their various meetings artists sometimes bind, and the group has been invited on several occasions to jam with famous Bumcello musicians. During festivals here and there Zita Swoon worked with Pauline Croze, Yann Tiersen or Bertrand Belin but it is with Miossec that the links are strongest. So after co-interpreted “Je Range” during the Francofolies de La Rochelle in 2007, he came to lend his advice for writing the French songs “Quand Mème Content” and “Josieanna”. The title “Infinite Down” Stef Kamil has been written especially for Jane Birkin.

“People Can’t Stand The Truth” is born a few years earlier in an establishment for Les Ballets C de la B, a Belgian dance company under the artistic direction of Alain Platel.

The reading of “Giving Up The Hero” was originally inspired by a scene from the silent film “Sunrise” by F.W. Murnau for which the group has written a soundtrack under a projection with live music.

All these songs re-registered in the studio in 2007 marry the new songs wonderfully through the approach Zita Swoon which confers a unit at all.
For the band “Big Blueville” is an album full of life, which speaks of cities, women, loves lost and found, and the family. Arty, eclectic and sexy, Zita Swoon after an eleven-year career offers us sumptuous and royal record by which Stef Kamil Carlens should definitively enter the pantheon of great singer-songwriters, somewhere between Bob Dylan and Arno.

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