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Wannahear Radio – Pure FM session (15/12) (updated) by Marc
December 16, 2009, 09:11 am
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Tomorrow you can Yesterday you could hear a Zita Swoon session on Pure FM (Belgian francophone radio).

A set by an inimini line-up of the band (Stef, Eva & Kapinga) will be was aired in ‘Drugstore‘ (PureFM, Tuesday dec 15th, 20h-23h)

Source: as heard on Drugstore today

– interview (about A Beatband, Moondog Jr, leaving dEUS, IPPOAW)
Infinite down
-interview (about collaborations, Sunrise, Plage Tattoo, L=ASS, and ASAAG)
Pretty girl
-interview (about A band in a box (release and gigs), Worst case scenario re-release, the anthology, and the future)
After I’m gone


Today – Zita Swoon @ Le Mouv’ (Radio) by Marc
December 2, 2009, 08:04 am
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The Zita Swoon Twitter channel tells us today the band will on The Laura Leishman Project, a radio program on Le Mouv’ (French radio).

Date: Wednesday, December 2nd 2009
Time: between 21h20 and 21h50

Stef and the host (Laura  Leishman) talked about the anthology and the upcoming ‘break’ the band takes.
The following tracks were played:
1/ My bond with you and your planet: disco (Soulwax remix) – Stef met Stephen Dewaele (1/2 of Soulwax) through Tom Barman. Tom and Stephen both had a film education.
2/ 2 Horses Blues – A Beatband, Tom Waits style.
3/ Suds & Soda (dEUS)
4/ Intrigue – demo in a with a very rich arrangement, with Mauro
5/ Le loup dans la bergerie (Miossec )

In between the songs Stef told they will play for about 2h30 at the upcoming 15+ concerts.

Radio – Rock Werchter 2008 @ Exclusive FM by Marc
April 11, 2009, 09:22 am
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Today (saturday april 11) Slovakian Radio 4 will broadcast Zita Swoon’s 2008 Werchter concert (and Vampire Weekend). There is a live stream.

Saturday, April 11th 2009, Radio 4, Exclusive_FM (18h – 20h)

on April 25th dEUS is on their calender.

Radio – Rock Werchter Drugstore by Marc
February 20, 2009, 10:52 am
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Today (friday feb 20) PureFM will broadcast Zita Swoon’s 2008 Werchter concert (and Bon Iver at the Reeperbahn Festival).

Friday feb 20 2009, PureFM, Drugstore Live (20h – 22h)

(thanks to Christa)

Upcoming radio appearances by Marc
February 19, 2009, 20:03 pm
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Saturday, oh Saturday, how kind of you to bring us…

2 Zita Swoon radio appearances:

  • Opium Radio (12h15 – 13h)
    Free entrance: Studio Desmet, Plantage Middenlaan 4a in Amsterdam.
  • Tros Muziekcafé (16h – 17h)
    Location: Studio Plantage , Plantage Kerklaan 36 in Amsterdam

Date: February 21st 2009 (saturday)

(thanks to Christa, and Google)

In case you were wondering what to do in between those programs: There will be a Tom Pintens session in Allez Allez on Radio 1 (13h – 15h)

Live unlimited: Zita Swoon at Klara (radio) by Marc
November 21, 2008, 22:27 pm
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Today, 23h, Klara will broadcast ZS’s concert at the Cactus Festival back in 2006.

more: here

Radio Candip, History by Marc

1. StuBru interview
Earlier this week there was an interview with Eva and Kapinga on Studio Brussel’s ‘Studio Dada’. They Talked about Radio Candip’s history, and the band between the Kapinga, Leonie, Eva and Sam.

You can listen to it here. (in dutch)
(a translation will follow)
(tnx to veerle)

2. RTBF documentary
About a month ago this video popped up on youtube. It contains footage of an RTBF documentary about Radio Candip, a Congolese radio where the Gysel-dad worked at.
(here’s an interesting article on that radio channel)