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the Poggibonsi videos by Marc
May 13, 2009, 22:00 pm
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Videos by Valentina


Breaking the line between musician and dancer – an interview with Simon Mayer by Marc
February 12, 2009, 23:47 pm
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Zita Swoon’s current tour combines music and dance.
What do I know about dance? I’ve heard of The swanlake, yes – the dance with the dying tutu’s, and even Rosas and Anne Teresa De Keersmaecker rang a bell… a silent one. So we had to call for help… and found Simon Mayer: an Austrian dancer, musician, member of Rosas, touring with Zita Swoon, and willing to answer our questions.
A rabbit field interview:

– Is this show different to the performances you did in the past?

Simon Mayer: The dance in the show is contemporary dance. That’s the education I had. Contemporary dance is a very wide field so it’s rather hard to explain what style it is. It can contain every dance style and every style of music. What I use as material for the Zita Swoon show has influences from several techniques and styles I’ve learned and as I’m improvising a lot I cannot really tell you specifically what style I’ll come up with in the performance. I’m very much influenced by afro, hip hop, ballet, release technique, different kinds of floorwork etc…..
I guess you‘ll find out more if you come to see the show.
Not everything I do in the show is improvised though. There are some dances with clear structures and movement patterns. All of the dances are structured in some way. Sometimes I only define where on stage I’ll be standing to do my dance or from which end to which end I’m moving … but there are also pieces where I set the space, the movement and the time.
What I try to make very clear is the relation to the music. In some pieces I move very strict to the music (to the rhythm, the melody, the puls, or simply to one instrument) and other songs I use more as an atmospheric impulse – which means I don’t dance inside a rhythmic or melodic structure but rather inside or with the general atmosphere/the feeling of the music. The 3rd strategy I use is to be the extra instrument/musician of the band – as a dancer. Which means I make up my own melody and dance/improvise this melody or rhythm to the music of the band, just like a guitar solo over a basic groove – going in and out of the rhythm and harmony.

– Is it common to work with live music in dance performances, and if so: is this music rather classic, jazzy or mainstream?

Simon: I worked a lot already with live music and I’m a musician myself… not a professional one but I played in a heavy metal/fusion band for years and studied several instruments (piano, violin, bas, singing,…). Therefore the project with Zita Swoon is very interesting for me.
I’m working together a lot with my brothers who are musicians as well and I always try to make musicians move 🙂 – it’s kind of an addiction – breaking the line between musician and dancer.

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Costume try-out – Dancing with the sound hobbyist by Marc
February 6, 2009, 17:40 pm
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other costume try-out / dance videos:
Baby Gr (video)
Fm 56 B (video 1 (above), video 2)
Jungleswing  (video
Kameel (video)
Eb Bas (video)

All thanks to ZitaSwoonTV

Video – Dancing with the sound hobbyist by Marc
February 6, 2009, 16:57 pm
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visit zita swoon’s youtube channel

Dancing with the sound hobbyist – overview by Marc
January 23, 2009, 00:13 am
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– It’s a collaboration between Zita Swoon and Rosas (a modern dance ensemble led by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) ,
– Rosas participates with 1 dancer (according to Stef in last weeks 3FM-interview )
– Half of the pieces will be instrumental.
– The band will use odd instruments (and toys and stuff they found around the house) to perform the music.
– The dutch press-text also mentions visual arts and literature as key ingredients.
– So far there are no plans to release a CD with the music of this tour (because of the importance of the visual part). A dvd-release is on the maybe shelf.

First: January 24th 2009, De Warande, Turnhout, Belgium
Last (for now): April 3rd 2009, NTG, Gent, Belgium
All: here

Reviews: the rabbit field, Trouw.nl

Interviews: De Standaard, CJP, The top of music, Antwerpse Kleppers (Stef + Simon), Kindamuzik, The rabbit field (w Simon)

Videos: Show, costume try-out, Het Journaal (één)

Pictures: Turnhout, Brugge 1, Brugge 2, Antwerpen (07/02), Groningen

Setlist: at the barbers’

All posts on Dancing with the sound hobbyist: here

DWTSH by Matthijs
December 2, 2008, 11:17 am
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Here’s the press release (dutch) about Dancing with the sound hobbyist.


Zita Swoon (BE) theatertournee ‘Dancing with the sound hobbyist’

Amsterdam, 2 december 2008

Dancing with the sound hobbyist

Zita Swoon in samenwerking met Rosas

Wie de Belgische band Zita Swoon kent weet dat de concerten authenticiteit uitademen en verder gaan dan een doorsnee concert. Met het programma ‘Dancing with the sound hobbyist’ kiest de band opnieuw voor een originele aanpak, die het midden houdt tussen concert en danstheater, vol eigenzinnige composities. Twee dansers van het dansgezelschap Rosas, zullen de voorstelling onder begeleiding van Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, een fysieke dimensie geven. Het eerste optreden is op 12 februari in de Stadsschouwburg te Groningen. Ze sluiten de tournee af op 12 maart in De Maaspoort in Venlo.

In ‘Dancing with the sound hobbyist’ laat Zita Swoon het format van het poplied los en gaan ze met met potten en pannen, speelgoed, oude orgeltjes en allerlei andere curieuze instrumenten aan de slag, om grillige melodieën en eigenzinnige ballades te componeren. Soms vonden die hun weg al naar cd’s of concerten, maar vaak bleven ze opgespeeld (en dus onbesproken). In de intimiteit van het theater krijgen deze pareltjes alle ruimte die ze nodig hebben.

De Belgische formatie Zita Swoon is een groep die zichzelf regelmatig opnieuw uitvindt en zich laat leiden door intuïtie en experiment. Ze nemen de toeschouwer mee op een reis waarbij de kruisbestuiving tussen muziek, theater, visuele kunsten, dans en literatuur centraal staat. Dat ze graag verder gaan dan een doorsnee popband bewezen ze in het verleden al met de unieke concertreeks Band in a Box, met de compositie van een soundtrack bij de film ‘Sunrise’ van F.W. Murnau of in de danstheaterproductie ‘Plage Tattoo/Circumstances’ met Les Ballets C de la B.

Zita Swoon is op 15 januari 2009 de openingsact van EuroSonic Noorderslag te Groningen.

Zita Swoon is: Stef Kamil Carlens, Amel Serra Garcia, Aarich Jespers, Bart Van Lierde, Joris Caluwaerts, Eva Gysel en Kapinga Gysel.
Rosas is: Simon Mayer, Tuur Marinus

Dancing with… Rosas? by Marc
October 17, 2008, 22:01 pm
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Thanks to the interview published in ‘Nord éclair’, the dancing-part in ‘Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist’ becomes a little more clear.

Zita Swoon will apparently collaborate with Rosas.

Rosas is a famous Belgian dance ensemble led by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
(website Rosas)