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BEEhivEs! by Matthijs

Some of you may have noticed it was (on myspace.com) For you others, Here are BEEhivEs!

With our own Eva and Amel (part of the live band) in the ranks, this group will certainly be something you like (if you are open to 80’s pop, dance music) Their music sounds very promising and I’m certainly looking forward to their future releases and gigs. Visitors of last TAZ festival Oostende, had the honour to see them already.

Band members are:

Mirko Banovic: Bass (Arno, Arsenal, Tom Pintens), Sam Gysel: Drums (Arno), Eva – Tshiela Gysel: Vocals (Zita Swoon), Naomi (mademoiselle) Schatteman: Vocals, Amel Serra Garcia: Percussion (Zita Swoon), Frederiek Donche: Keyboards (Mudflow, Dirty Dancing) and David Bradzlava: Guitar

(An official biography is expected soon)


Radio Candip, History by Marc

1. StuBru interview
Earlier this week there was an interview with Eva and Kapinga on Studio Brussel’s ‘Studio Dada’. They Talked about Radio Candip’s history, and the band between the Kapinga, Leonie, Eva and Sam.

You can listen to it here. (in dutch)
(a translation will follow)
(tnx to veerle)

2. RTBF documentary
About a month ago this video popped up on youtube. It contains footage of an RTBF documentary about Radio Candip, a Congolese radio where the Gysel-dad worked at.
(here’s an interesting article on that radio channel)

Podcast – SKC plays Dylan by Marc

Let’s try something new…
…like a podcast-thing.

about this recording (earlier on rabbitfield.com):

Thanks to staatvanbeleg.skynetblogs.be I found this great concert on mp3:
Stef , Eva en Kapinga, Sam en Bjorn playing Dylan ! Excellent to fill in this cold night.

Een hommage aan Bob Dylan door Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon) + Theater aan Zee-band (1 & 2 augustus 2006).

00:00 / / intro
01:15 / 1 / I and I
05:22 / 2 / Million Miles
13:07 / 3 / Heart of Mine
17:28 / 4 / Blind Willie McTell
22:40 / 5 / Cold Irons Bound
30:09 / 6 / Everything Is Broken
33:23 / 7 / Dead Man, Dead Man
37:36 / 8 / Someone’s Got A Hold of My Heart
41:16 / 9 / Ring Them Bells
44:50 / / outro (tot 45:15)

source: Radio 1 / shuffle / 30-12-2006 (edit)

Download file

ps. I’m not a bootleg-collector and my collection of Zita Swoon live-recording is pea-size… so if you have something you want to share: mail me.

(tnx to Bart for his podcast-knowledge)