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The future, a movie, a 50’s chansonnier by Marc
March 10, 2009, 23:10 pm
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No, Zita Swoon won’t make a movie, it’s Erik De Jong (aka Spinvis) who’s working on that. De Jong, who made a remix of Everything is not the same in 2007, already has a scenario. The story’s about a man who got lost in his own brain, surrounded by memories who are all linked to songs from the past. These songs would be performed by Dutch and Belgian artists. As example Spinvis suggests Stef Kamil as a French 50’s chansonnier.

source: Veto


While we were sleeping by Marc

august 27th 2007
The Partchesz (Bjorn Eriksson and Nathalie Delcroix) release their debut album.
Visit their MySpace.


november 5th 2007
The Rudy Trouvé Sextet became a septet by welcoming Joris Caluwaerts. Zita drummer Aarich was already a member.

The septet released  “Songs and Stuff Recorded Between 2003 and 2007, Part One”.


december 2007
The radio edit of “Everything is not the same” remixed by spinvis could be found on the “Music Mania Winter Sampler, vol.11” (i think it’s an exclusive release)


february 15th 2008
Aarich made a contribution to Art for Sale (vooruit, Gent).