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Video – Music For Life – Helmut Lotti feat. SKC by Matthijs
December 22, 2012, 12:22 pm
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BEL 2000 by Marc
October 5, 2009, 13:10 pm
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Studio Brussel released 2 5cd sets with Belgian music from 2000 until 2009, each cd covering one year.

Are ‘we’ on it?
Yes we are:

  • box 1, cd 3 (2002) Neeka & Stef Kamil Carlens – Don’t hold me back
  • box 1, cd 5 (2004) Zita Swoon – Thinking about you all the time
  • box 2, cd 3 (2007) Zita Swoon – I feel alive in the city

Complete tracklist and picture here.

Listen to: Zita Swoon @ Het Groot Verzet (stubru) by Marc
June 30, 2009, 22:41 pm
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Shortways: here

… and those who choose to travel the longer or slower, but definitely more enjoyable path through the intersphere… they click here ánd here (to listen to ZS in inimini line-up, see pictures and stumble upon videos).

StuBru’s Groot Verzet by Marc
June 12, 2009, 18:37 pm
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het groot verzet logo

Do you want to ride your bicycle, do you want to ride your bike…
… with Stef?
… and withness an exclusive acoustic mini-concert of Zita Swoon?

Run this way, register, and order your tickets.

Date: June 28 2009
Location: Werchter

Good news for those not able to be there – like me:
Studio Brussel will air live reports and music.
(glue that ear to your transistor gear!)

StuBru session: SKC plays Dylan on Brussel Vlaams by Marc
November 19, 2008, 15:59 pm
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On our way to the Gates of Eden try-out Stef Kamil joined us in a radiophonic way while being interviewed by StuBru-Kirsten in Mekka. They had small talk about the upcoming Carte Blanche weekend and closed with a song taken from a session Stef did last sunday in Brussel Vlaams.
Listen to the Mekka interview here.

In that Brussel Vlaams broadcast Stef Kamil Carlens was Steven Lemmens’ guest for an interview (about carte blanche) and session with Dylan songs.
Listen to the Brussel Vlaams interview and session here.

Setlist session:
I and I
What was it you wanted
Blind Willie McTell
Dead Man, Dead Man
Licence to Kill

Radio Candip, History by Marc

1. StuBru interview
Earlier this week there was an interview with Eva and Kapinga on Studio Brussel’s ‘Studio Dada’. They Talked about Radio Candip’s history, and the band between the Kapinga, Leonie, Eva and Sam.

You can listen to it here. (in dutch)
(a translation will follow)
(tnx to veerle)

2. RTBF documentary
About a month ago this video popped up on youtube. It contains footage of an RTBF documentary about Radio Candip, a Congolese radio where the Gysel-dad worked at.
(here’s an interesting article on that radio channel)

Rock Werchter report by Marc


Studio Brussel had a video interview with Stef this afternoon:

  • He liked the Montreal Jazz festival (july 1st).
  • Stef doesn’t want to play at werchter’s main stage because it doesn’t fit their music, and likes the Pyramid Marquee because of it’s intimacy.
  • Neil Young’s the only artist he wanted to see tonight.
  • His favourite Zita Swoon-mood drink: Cuba Libre.

There’s a backstage interview with Stef in the Report 08 section of the Rock Werchter website.

Here’s how you get there: Go to the homepage > choose the “Report 08” tab > Dag 2 > click Zita Swoon in the Movies-column.
Stef talk’s about:

  • How he got there by bike. Stef try’s to do this for each Belgian festival gig. Last week it took him about 4 hours to get in Genk (a 120km ride).
  • He had a bit of a hangover as a result of a night out with Tom Barman.
  • Now Tom won’t be replaced they chanced some of the arrangements. Joris got a lot more work on his hands. Now the arrangements are less rock and more reggae.
  • His ideal preparation to a gig:
    – a quiet backstage where he can listen to some Son House or Muddy Waters-like blues,
    – having a drink,
    – time to warm-up his voice and arrange the clothes,
    – being alone for a while
    – no interviews 😀
    (tnx to Christa)

+ Pictures:

Click image to view pics at Le Blog de Pure FM

See also: Cutting Edge (photo report)

+ Gig reports:
De Standaard (tnx to Christa), De Morgen (with setlist), Humo (with pics), VRTnieuws, and Goformusic (with pics)

Full setlist: here