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De Laatste Show Cover – Oh La La La by Matthijs
March 2, 2012, 08:00 am
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If you noticed the spoiler by Humo you already knew ZSG would do a cover of  ‘Oh La La La’  by TC Matic last night (at De Laatste Show). See the video here .

SKC Matic by Marc
November 19, 2008, 01:28 am
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Every now and then a concert leaves you speechless. The Arno session was a real roller coaster ride. There were too many magical moments. This session should have last a week (at least), but instead they gave us a 3 hour marathon.

Stef threw -in his own energetic way- 5 breathtaking TC Matic songs in our faces. “Chi boem” and “Middle class and blue eyes” in the first hour, and “L’amour n’est pas avec moi”, “Living on my instinct”, and “If you wanna dance, dance, if you don’t, don’t” in the second hour were impressive.

After this performance Arno was asked by the reporter who made the best TC Matic cover so far. He said we just witnessed it on stage, refering to Stef’s performance.

More at Radio 1 (they have video, pictures, and audio)

Allez Allez, with SKC by Marc
November 14, 2008, 23:25 pm
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Stef Kamil will be one of the guests in tomorrow’s Allez Allez on Radio 1(13-15h). He and Roland Van Campenhout will talk about their admiration for Arno.

This post will be updated after the show.

(tnx to Christa)

update 15/11:
listen here (14’42” -> 19’00”)
Stef thinks he and Arno were together on stage before, but can’t remember when that was. They do coöperate often in a studio and last minute-calls by Arno do happen.

Choco (TC Matic, 1983) and Charlatan (Arno solo, 1988) are Stef Kamil’s favourite Arno-records.

Tjens Couter and Arno’s European Blues made it clear for Stef -who was a fan of blues by John Lee Hooker and Son House- that it was possible to make blues in Belgium. He realised he didn’t have to imitate his hero’s but you could use the influences, the music, in search for his own sound, his own voice.

Stef’s plan is to play 5 TC Matic-songs.

Podcast: Kamil and the Beatband by Marc
November 14, 2008, 11:08 am
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It’s been over 15 years since Zita Swoon -back then known as A Beatband- had it’s first release (Jintro travels the word in a skirt). Like almost any band, A Beatband made demo’s that predate their first official release. With kind permission of Stef Kamil we can offer you two songs from “the big 46 tape” by Kamil and the Beatband. This demotape was made in 1992. The following musicians appear on it: Sander Bruyneel, Steven Bruyneel, Bas Deriemaeker, Aarich Jespers, and Stef Kamil Carlens.
You’ve might have witnessed the band’s evolution through rock, dance, electronic, and quiet acoustic music… but at the beginning, there was blues.


Hangover in the Laundry (3,9MB)

L’Amour n’est pas avec moi (7MB)

p.s. The second song is a TC Matic song which was released on their album Choco (1983)… and it’s a nice way to remind you of the Arno session (with a.o. SKC), next monday (nov 17) at the Amerikaans Theater (sold out) and live at Radio 1.