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Carte Blanche: ABtv by Marc


2 Carte Blanche concerts are available on ABtv: 

  • Stef’s Dylan tribute (the gates of eden) (click)
  • The Golden Glows (click)
  • … and they say there is more to come!

+ there’s also an article about it on the AB-blog (in dutch).


Carte Blanche – On the wings of a rabbit, day 1 by Marc


An old fashioned welcome…
Aarich smuggled a Decap organ into the hall/bar of the venue, and it played all the classic 50’s and 60’s tunes you (or your parents) might have danced to back then. Aarich also wanted to add some Zita Swoon songs to the computer operated ‘machine’ but time got in the way (it would have been nice).

2008-11-22_carte-blanche_d1_02 2008-11-22_carte-blanche_d1_01

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Carte Blanche 2008 – new names by Marc

We’re closing in on that November weekend you don’t want to miss… and in order to make that clear for everyone, the Ancienne Belgique-crew released some new names and events…

Saturday Nov 22 (so far)

  • The Gates of Eden: Stef Kamil Carlens plays Dylan
    (The main event! If you were there, back in 2006, you know those two nights at Theater aan Zee were nothing less than a glimp on what’s behind the gates of eden)
  • The Golden Glows (myspace)
  • Prima Donkey (website)
  • Rodaan Al Galidi (website) (Dutch poet and writer with Iranian roots. SKC met him during this years Saint-Amour)
  • Cheval Blanc (myspace)
  • Blue Flamingo (website) (78 rpm DJ)

Sunday Nov 23 (so far)

  • B’Rock (website) (a baroque orchestra)
  • Claire Chevalier (website) (French pianist, plays Satie)
  • Stef Kamil Carlens Solo (playing his own favourits)
  • De Kift (website) (Dutch folk/brass/chanson orchestra)
  • Rudy Trouvé Septet (info) (the Rudy Trouvé Septet!)
  • Blue Flamingo (website) (78 rpm DJ)

Tickets en more: Saturday / Sunday / Weekend

Carte Blanche 2008 by Matthijs
September 3, 2008, 20:25 pm
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(As we told you last May) on November 22nd and 23rd Stef will be the curator of the yearly organised Carte Blanche Festival in the AB, Brussel. Each year someone else is invited to curate the festival and is ask to invite his favourite artists.  Knack.be tells us that The Golden Glows is the first band who’s been added to the program. More names will follow soon.