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199 responses to “[ The Rabbit Hole ]”

  1. & vanished again…
    like waves,
    the new moon ?
    or the stars ?

  2. Y a t-il un problème de liberté d’expression ou simplement technique via le ZS forum ?
    Je me pose la question car je cherche à comprendre pourquoi il n’est plus possible de partager et de commmuniquer avec tous les autres swoons,
    too sad !

  3. & don’t forget tomorrow 4th septembeer dEUS in maastricht 4 free !!!!!!!!!

  4. @JM: You can contact the band through their Praise/Good Vibs form (see ‘contact’ in upper left corner zs.com, then choose Praise).
    & to interact with other fans there’s Facebook and the likes (or this fansite).

  5. thanks Marc I’m not on facebook & twitter etc so I’m gonna follow the rabbitfield who is the best fansite ! 4 me !

  6. Humor @ Studio Brussel (stef op een ‘ottiecard’) http://www.stubru.be/media/verzameldeottiecards

  7. 16th today on radio, which one & what time…?

  8. @ jm: that radio thingy was the 15th. (with Ozark Henry)

  9. @ marc
    it was the 16th at the zuiderperhuis in Gent check ZS website..; about attends-moi

  10. @JM: I’m working on a report of the Zuiderpershuis event (in antwerp). No radio broadcast there.

  11. if U wanna ride in bicycle in TRIX this saturday 30/10 mail mike@trixonline.be & enjoy it !

  12. dearest marc,
    do U have more infos about a “housekamerconcert” the 15/03, saw it on new tourdates ZS officialwebsite…
    huge tks in advance
    cheers !

  13. JM,
    On zs.com, you can click on a flyer with all the details about this concert.
    It will be a mix of music and literature (Koen Peeters is a writer).
    Location: Paleizenstraat 12, 1030 Brussel
    Reservation required: you can do this via nederlandse.cultuur@schaarbeek.irisnet.be

  14. Tks Marc
    didn’t work yesterday > magma clouds ?

  15. dare to write : en français dans le texte :
    sympa pour le public qui le”s” suit, même pas foutu d’annoncer le concerts du 15 juillet zà zavignon pfffffffffffffff
    MOTHER FUCKER !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. hi marc/matthijs

    24/06 radio 1 sessie open lucht theater >
    Rolling Stones ’50th anniversary with SKC, Arno, Ann pierlé enz.

    Cheers !

  17. hi marc/matthijs

    wld like to go this 24/08/2013 see SKC & JDC in open air antwerpen (check calendar ZS)

    need help > do U know anything about reservation or tickets > phone looks deranged…

    tks U !

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