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Interview – SKC @ Radio 1 Sessie

Another post on Ozark Henry’s Radio 1 session (official videos and pics over here)

Those sessions are a 3 hour radio show curated by 1 central guest who invites some friends. Last Friday Piet Goddaer (leader of Ozark Henry) was that central guest, and invited Isbells, Jef Neve, Dorléac (Spinvis and Geike Arnaert), and Stef Kamil. All of them played an individual set and sometimes accompanied each other. In between the sets the artists are interviewed by Luc Janssens.

Q&A SKC interview:

Luc Janssens: You were there at the two previous editions. What was the most beautiful combination?
SKC: They were all fun to do, but I loved playing Arno for a while that first year. Singing his songs is incredible.

LJ: It was incredible for us to. It was striking how -when singing, and with closed eyes- you and Arno sound the same. You probably did that a lot when you were young?
SKC:  I listened a lot to Arno, watched a lot of posters, and tried to be as cool as him.

LJ: That’ll come, you just have to age… and drink a lot of vodka. But I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.
Last Monday you had your own Belpop episode…
*to the public: Has anyone seen it? (a few hands rise), and who liked it? (a lot of hands rise)*
… which means you made it Stef, you’re in the hall of fame.
SKC: This is the end of the line (laughing)

LJ: I think it’s a new beginning, you made it.
SKC: I made a lot of things, “it”, a lot of things…

LJ: Did your mother watch it… and what did she say about it?
SKC: I don’t now, I’ll meet her tomorrow.

LJ: Are you afraid she found out things she didn’t knew before?
SKC: I don’t think so, she knows what we did.

LJ: You and Ozark Henry seem to have the same haircut, but the likenesses goes even further…
SKC: Yes, a Flemish head, with a greek nose, and  a “difficult” haircut. (laughing)

LJ: What do you think of the new Ozark Henry songs?
SKC: I think it’s a stunt to play those new songs here for the first time with a new band and a new sound.
Piet (Goddaer) has a very beautiful, personal, warm voice, which is like a thread through his music. I think it’s great how he keeps making whimsical music and still attract a broad audience. I’m a fan.


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